The importance of work life balance

The NSCW also found "the importance of supportive work-life policies and practices, such as flexible work arrangements, is clear—when they are available, employees exhibit more positive work outcomes, such as job satisfaction, commitment to employer, and retention, as well as more positive life outcomes, such as less interference between job and family life, less negative spillover from job to home, greater life satisfaction, and better mental health.

Sauter, chief of the Applied Psychology and Ergonomics Branch of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Cincinnati, Ohio, states that recent studies show that "the workplace has become the single greatest source of stress".

Depression is the predominant cause of nearly 10, suicides that occur each year in Germany. Even while I was recently on an 8 day vacation in Europe, I found myself constantly searching for WiFi to respond to emails to prevent a mudslide of stress when I returned to my office in New York.

If our team needs to have a brainstorm session, we head to one of several lounge or conference areas to collaborate together.

I'm choosing to stay in the game, and I'm exploring work-life balance for not only myself, but for my entire office.

As more companies start to realize that a happy employee is a productive employee, they have started to look for ways to improve the work environment.

This type of control, as Barker argues, replaces the more direct, authoritarian control, or simple control, such as managers and bosses. According to Esther M. This condition is not considered a mental illness but only a grave exhaustion that can lead to numerous sick days.

A Report on the Importance of Work-Life Balance

This balance provides a sense of control over our environment, which is often buzzing with excitement and chatter. Most had their choice of high-paying jobs as technology companies competed to recruit the best of them.

This allows me to make corrections as needed if the day unfolds in an unexpected way: Open communications, mentoring programs, and fostering more amicable relationships among workers are some of the ways employers are improving the quality of work life.

According to a study by Messmer inflexible scheduling is the benefit valued most by employees. Indeed, employees report increased job satisfaction, greater sense of job security, better physical and mental health, reduced levels of job stress and enhanced control of their environment. Reality is, now that mobile devices and tablets have email capabilities, this rule is severely outdated.

Stress may also perpetuate or lead to binge eatingsmokingand alcohol consumption. Employee work-life balance is in the long-term interest of the organization. Other sources include lacking control over your work or workplace, unresolved workplace conflicts, and perceptions of unfair workloads, pay, or evaluations.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Health

Three Concerns Sometimes people ask why I bother with such a detailed level of planning. But there is always some other guy who will do something bad for the environment!

Who fails the team by screwing their work life balance at minimum. Also, people in the elderly employee segment are working longer now than in the past and are demanding different work arrangements to accommodate their life style needs.

Click here to learn more about our flexible, online MBA programme. To improve the quality of work life and eliminate job stress, employers can also make efforts to be more aware of the workload and job demands.

This type of planning, to me, is like a chess game, with blocks of work getting spread and sorted in such a way that projects big and small all seem to click into completion with just enough time to spare.

As employees and the general population have become more connected to each other with the use of technology, social media and mobile devices, it has become increasingly difficult for many people to separate work from their personal lives.

Most employers require their employees to be in the office during "core hours," such as Conclusion Evidence suggests that improvements in people management practices, especially work time and work location flexibility, and the development of supportive managers, contribute to increased work-life balance.

Employees may respond to an email or a voice mail after-hours or during the weekend, typically while not officially "on the job". Or worst end up being medicated for depression, anxiety!

According to a study by Duxbury and Higgins, women are more likely than men to report high levels of role overload and caregiver strain. Instatisticians calculated 41 million absent days that were related to these crises, leading to 3.

Maternity leave[ edit ] Maternity leave and parental leave are leaves of absence for expectant or new mothers sometimes fathers for the birth and care of the baby. Employees in the future will likely be looking for corporations that have a new work environment, one that encourages each employee to work toward improvement in the product or service; gives employees the responsibility and authority to make decisions, provides timely feedback, and rewards employees based upon the quality of the product and efforts.

If you need further convincing - familiarise yourself with the below three reasons. Considering and planning for these subtleties not only creates balance to help workers succeed, but improves work satisfaction. This is not the case today.

3 Reasons Why Work Life Balance Is Important

For example, appearance, occupation, education of the children are compared to a media-staged ideal. Release deadlines and production issues.

The study states that women, in particular, report stress related to the conflict between work and family.

A Report on the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Checking email in bed, tweeting throughout dinner, and taking work calls on the weekend have become common practices - often diminishing time to spend with family or to decompress.

Symptoms of stress are manifested both physiologically and psychologically.May 25,  · Work-Life Balance has been a much debated conversation in the business world for years.

As employees and the general population have become more connected to each other with the use of technology.

Study Hacks Blog Decoding Patterns of Success Deep Habits: The Importance of Planning Every Minute of Your Work Day December 21st, · comments Time Blocking. The image above shows my plan for a random Wednesday earlier this month.

Work/life balance is at best an elusive ideal and at worst a complete myth, today’s senior executives will tell you. But by making deliberate choices about which opportunities they’ll pursue. May 25,  · Workstyles & Balance in Office Culture Going beyond work-life balance is the idea of creating a workplace where the team feels as if there is a healthy balance in all that they do.

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The importance of self-care

Work-life balance is about creating and maintaining supportive and healthy work environments, which will enable to have balance between work and personal responsibilities and thus strengthen.

The importance of work life balance
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