Cookies week writing activity 2nd

Step by Step Instructions

Use a black permanent marker to make face features or cut the eyes and mouth out of black felt or construction paper and attach those. Anna teaches 3 sections … [Read more Make a compass and attach it to the map.

This may also give some ideas. First, I passed out one cookie to each student. Plot summary—the simple retelling of the plot of a story. Anytime you catch a group being good you may reward points. Blue overhead projector sheets give a nice feeling to the water.

To reinforce letter recognition; to match upper and lower case letters; to practice identifying the letters at the beginning of pictures How: Who am I kidding?!

After they finish listening to their tape they must fill out the listening center sheet and put it in their folder. Fold a black napkin into a triangle and glue to the bottom for a witch cape. The frog sat on a log in the pond. My little lady that said she ate a Vanilla Wafer Students put their chairs up and join you by the job chart.

Draw that many cookies on the 2nd half of your plate and write the numeral to show how many you have. Above level learners will need to place their Sun in the correct location without teacher assistance.

Can you continue with the same pattern off the edge of the strip? Perhaps you can find a way to include both when you attempt the second story starter exercise in this download: How did you solve this problem?

A lot of the kids looked at me like I was asking a trick question, they were trying to write a complete sentence and use capitals and periods just to tell me they ate an Oreo. Once you have told someone your estimate, start placing cookies on the jar until it is completely filled.

The Gingerbread Man

Have them brainstorm a list of those symbols as you write them on the board. At the beginning of the week, each student will choose a dog breed to research.

Discussion and Prior Knowledge The teacher can introduce the lessons for a week of celebrating dogs to the second grade class by asking the students the following discussion questions: The teacher will make rounds during the activity to assist all students.

She now has the Oreo lesson available in her store! Can I get an amen??!! Have the children work together to cut out and paint different types of candy to decorate the house.

Hang the banner along a bulletin board Click Here for an idea that would look great with this. When they get to school you can cut them out and string them together to make a class banner. The game I want you to play is loaded.MATH: COOKIE DOUGH. UNIT OVERVIEW This packet contains a curriculum-embedded CCLS aligned task and instructional supports.

The task is embedded in a week unit on interpreting and linking representations, modeling situations, solving non-routine problems. Second Grade: Writing Sample 3 Second graders are polishing a wide range of basic writing skills, including writing legibly, using capitalization and punctuation correctly (most of the time!), and moving from invented spelling to more accurate spelling.

Cookie's Week Activity Card In this reading worksheet, students respond to the book Cookie's Week by completing an activity at home with a parent.

Students cut out 7 scenes depicted in the story and paste them on the days of the week chart to show when they happened. place value worksheet writing numbers free printable grade reading worksheets word lists and activities greatschools fairy tale recipe english for 2 images about.

Read Across America & Dr. Seuss Activities and Lesson Plans. To help you celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday we have provided you with a variety of resources. Cookie arts and crafts have education activities that help children to learn math, english, science in a fun way.

These games are suitable for homeschoolers, preschoolers, kindergarten, first .

Cookies week writing activity 2nd
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